Chris Willett from Enza

what makes Pacific Rose so special?
one word — ENZA

ENZA has successfully grown and exported premium apples and pears from New Zealand for over 50 years. As one of the most recognized and respected fruit brands in the world, ENZA is a leading apple innovator, developing new varieties that quickly become everyday favorites. Braeburn, Royal Gala and Granny Smith are just a few of them. ENZA continues to invest in new variety development, and currently holds exclusive rights to some of the most exciting new apples grown in Washington state, including JAZZ, ENVY and Pacific Rose. By partnering with top-notch growers around the world, ENZA is committed to bringing you new apple taste sensations now and into the future.

the Pacific Rose program

ENZA controls the variety, from breeding and propagation to production and marketing, ensuring every Pacific Rose apple delivers a terrific eating experience.

Rachel and Kaylan Crane

five generations and 100 years in apples for Crane Family Orchards

Like most adventures, this one starts with a dream. It dates back to the early 1900s, when George Crane left Chicago and headed west. He eventually ended up in Brewster, Washington, an ideal climate for growing some of the best apples in the Pacific Northwest—with its sloped hills for superior air movement, warm days, and signature cool evenings that color the apples to rosy perfection. The first orchard was planted around 1912.

Today, the orchard has expanded to about 1,000 acres. George’s great-grandson, Peter Crane, owns the operations and mentors the management team, while daughters Rachel and Kaylan—fifth generation apple producers—work on the business side of the orchard.

Rachel recently took over the operation as CEO. She’s involved in all aspects; from helping analyze planting and selecting varieties to overseeing operating expenses and mapping out the future of the orchard. Kaylan, her younger sister, recently returned to the family business after working as an accountant for a few years.

Rachel and Kaylan both look back fondly at growing up on the family orchard. Today Rachel and Kaylan have a huge appreciation for the team effort it takes to get a great box of apples—from the pruners and pickers to the sorters on the line and the distribution crew. Many of their staff members are long time employees, which is a true testament to the quality orchard that their family runs.

Many apple varieties are grown at Crane Family Orchards, but Rachel’s favorite is the Pacific Rose—sweet, refreshing, crisp and the prettiest apple on the orchard—simply exceptional in both looks and taste.